Time again God is So Faithful in my life that He enabled encouraged me to accomplish the grate works for God. Indeed my earlier life was centered around with my parents. I am so grateful to God that God has given such a wonderful parents especially my father who was a Deacon of the local church of south India rendered his life to me in order to teach and train my childhood between Church and home. In this process, he had initiated and introduced many good habits where I could develop and design my feature. The important teachings which I have grasped from my father, it is not irresistible and unforgettable one. Specially he had taught me not to use broken words

As I begun my journey with my parents as a regular church goer nurtured me through spiritual discipline and motivated with lot of questions of humanity and later I came to know there was answer in the Bible for all of my quarries and questions. My childhood was not normal it means I have lost my father and me longing for love, which usually every child will enjoy from his father. From that day onwards, my heart was seeking the Heavenly Father for all my thirst and needs. These habits poised me to meditate the word of God to mobilize myself first than the people for the Kingdom of God. Eventually I have invested my life to carry on the God's Mission in this Universe, rather than involving any of my earthly opportunities, resources, which were acrossed in my life time.

Subsequently, God has transformed my heart that I need to available and accountable for His call and commission in this process I could able to realize and recognize the appointment of God for me to fulfill His VISION of 21' CENTURY.

Indeed for His Glory alone He Himself shape and sharpen me to participate in this Ministry as a role of leadership. God directly reveled and spoken to me through His scriptures that I had a gift of Evangelism the word of wisdom and Discernments so as to understanding the things which happen now and future. In order to understand these gifts, God used me in different level of people and the Fields and Events.

Moreover God intervened in my life and He had talked to me through Meditations of the Holy Scriptures Dreams and Visions. In this context, when I go to His presence; He will revel what is going to be happened in future for His people and the Nation, and this was purely started to work through this ministry activities, also many people they have witnessed through this Ministry that they have been benefited in their ministries and lives.

On that day onwards when the Lord hath launched this Vision of 21' Century activated as an Indian National Apostolic Diocese consequently established the INDIAN NATIONAL APOSTOLIC THEOLOGICAL OPEN UNIVERSITY which is committed for the Theological Upgradation Studies and Trainings to the inopportunity specially the Gospel workers of unorganized Independent field and to all those who want to continue their Higher Studies and research as an external /Distance /overseas Educational systems.

Dr. Paul Raja Tamil Maran


In 1991 , the seed of INDIAN NATIONAL APOSTOLIC DIOCESE was expanded Biblical approach is to reshape the existing ethics and principles of Ecclesiastical Dioceses,which can effectively cater the emerging needs of the Indian Christian individual Church Organizations.

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