Our Srilankan Chapter

In 2015 on behalf of INA Diocese Bishop Dr. Paul Raja Tamil Maran visited Sri Lanka to commission the prophetic and apostolic calling and appointing Dr. Kirby as the chief overseer and head of the Sri Lankan chapter of the INA Diocese (Indian National Apostolic Diocese)

Kirby & Fiona de Lanerolle are the founders and visionaries of WOW and together they lead & serve the group at large. They are fathered by Neil Obeyesekere from Grace Ministries, Dubai, who they fondly refer to as “Pasti”

The WOW move was initiated 7 years ago amongst a small group of friends who were hungry to experience and know more of Jesus Christ. It has stood differentiated from the very start because this often labeled “peculiar” group pursue a “solution based” operation vs. an evangelical “conversion based” model that the existing churches were rejected for.

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Kirby & Fiona dare to be different and are opposed to conforming to the traditional ways of modern evangelical Christianity – they bring new light and life to the word of God through Kirby’s undeniable gift as a revelatory, prophetic teacher dwelling deep into mystical Christianity. WOW demonstrates new creation realities through revelation, healing, prophesy & the supernatural.

Their mission is to teach the body of Christ and be instrumental in helping mature existing Christians, taking them from milk to meats. (Hebrews 5: 12-14) To be a “life-solution” to anyone in need regardless of religion, race, creed or cast. In doing so they are committed to honour and respect the laws & values of the nations they serve, including their own, Sri Lanka.

In 1991 , the seed of INDIAN NATIONAL APOSTOLIC DIOCESE was expanded Biblical approach is to reshape the existing ethics and principles of Ecclesiastical Dioceses,which can effectively cater the emerging needs of the Indian Christian individual Church Organizations.

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