• The completed application forms for admission should be returned to the Dean or Registrar with, 2 recent passport size photographs.
  • 2 copies of a transcript of your previous studies.
  • A completed Statement of Purpose or your Vision.
  • A brief write-up of your research proposal (for research degrees).
  • 2 letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the Dean or Academic Registrar, one from a leader of your church or denomination, and the other from the principal or a teacher of the institution in which you completed your previous theological degree.
  • A recent medical report from a qualified doctor.
  • A letter of financial undertaking for the whole course of studies.
  • Application fee of Rs.100 for degree and Diploma and Rs.200 for P.G Courses, Rs. 500 for Doctoral Studies.
  • Students can apply directly to-the following University office or to the concern Study Centers in person or by Post/Courier.
  • The Fees may pay by Cash in Person or By Money order the Registrar of the University or by Demand Draft(DD) in favour of 'INA Theological Open University' Payable at Gudiyatham Branch ( Vellore Dist, TN).
  • All Correspondence Should be write to The Registrar, INA Theological Open University, No.7, Church St, Ashok Nagar, Gudiyatham-632602, Vellore Dist, Tamilnadu, India.


Certificate Courses

  • Certificate Course in Theology
  • Certificate Programme in Pastoral Counseling

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Missions and Church Planting
  • Diploma in Evangelism
  • Diploma in Theology
  • Diploma in Social works

Degree Courses

  • Bachelor of theology
  • Bachelor of Divinity
  • Bachelor of Biblical Studies
  • Bachelor of Missiology

Post Graduate Courses

  • Master of Theology (New Testament)
  • Master of Theology (Old Testament)
  • Master of Divinity Master of Philosophy
  • Theology in Mission Field and Social Service

Doctoral Studies

  • PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
  • DD (Doctor of Divinity)
  • DD (Doctor of Divinity) Honorary for the Eligible Candidates


Certificate Courses

  • Application Form Rs. 50
  • Course Fee Rs. 500
  • Exam Fee Rs. 100
  • Certificate and Mark sheet Fee Rs.100

Diploma Courses

  • Application Fee Rs. 100
  • Course Fee Rs.1000
  • Exam Fee Rs. 150
  • Certificate and Mark sheet Fee Rs. 100

Bachelor Degree Programme

  • Application Fee Rs. 150
  • Course Fee Rs.3500
  • Exam Fee Rs.4 Semester X 150 = RS. 600
  • Certificate and Mark sheet Fee Rs. 100

Master Degree Programme

  • Application Fee Rs. 200
  • Course Fee Rs.5000
  • Exam Fee 6 Semester X 150 = Rs.900
  • Certificate and Mark sheet Fee Rs. 200

Doctoral and Research Programmes

  • Application Fee Rs. 250
  • Course Fee Rs.10000
  • Exam Fee Rs. 1000
  • Certificate and Mark sheet Fee Rs. 250

Duration of the Courses

  • Certificate Courses-6 Months
  • Diploma Courses-12 Months
  • Bachelor Degree Programme-2 Years
  • Master Degree Programme-3 Years
  • M.Phil., Research Programme-1 Year
  • Doctoral Research Studies-1 to 2 Years

In 1991 , the seed of INDIAN NATIONAL APOSTOLIC DIOCESE was expanded Biblical approach is to reshape the existing ethics and principles of Ecclesiastical Dioceses,which can effectively cater the emerging needs of the Indian Christian individual Church Organizations.

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